Our Story

We Believe Every Individual Needs to Believe They Matter And That Is Why Zurvita Exists.

When people believe they matter, their lives change for the better. Furthermore, when people accept that other people also matter, it can change and affect the entire world! Our objective is to help encourage and empower people from all walks of life to reach their ideal selves. Simply put, we want people to experience a better, higher and ideal way of life.

Zurvita's Founding Principles

Zurvita is a direct sales business that began in 2008. The origin of the name, "Zurvita", has Latin roots and means the "risen life." Before Zurvita, founders Mark and Tracy Jarvis had a thriving business as independent entrepreneurs that generated an income of more than $1 million annually for eight consecutive years. However, they realized that their calling was for a larger mission in life. After prayer, they identified these three founding principles:

"Establish an organization that honors and glorifies God. You accomplish this by not judging individuals but by accepting them right where they are in life."

"Grow a company with a humble leaders. Our core philosophy is the higher you climb, the more you serve the brand-new person."

"Build a setting where people can win at every level. The culture at Zurvita celebrates all achievements with Independent Consultants at each level."

These founding principles are fundamental to the way Zurvita operates. In Zurvita, every time they make major decisions or undertakings, they filter it through these three founding principles. If the plans do not meet with the founding principles, the plans must go through revisions. Once their undertaking matches their founding principles, then they can implement

Simple, Effective Nutrition

Zeal for Life is defined as knowing you matter. Moreover, that what you are doing right now is vitally significant. It ignites a whole new spectrum and purpose for life that just cannot be surpassed.

For most of us, experiencing Zeal for Life® starts an immediate feeling of being healthier and more active. Zeal for Life®, our flagship product, and the others within Zurvita's product line, offer the simplest, most convenient solution for whole-food nutrition today.

Significant Income Working Part-Time

The Zurvita's product line is so easy to recommend and share. By simply suggesting and sharing the product with friends and family, you can have the opportunity to be your own boss and earn income whenever you feel like it. We provide a chance for everyone, from every walk of life, to use our unique compensation plan. You can earn an immediate and recurrent monthly income on a long-term basis based on performance. It is simple, but powerful. The testimonials of our Independent Consultants prove it repeatedly.

Explosive Growth

Even though Zurvita is still a relatively young company, our growth over just the past five years is unbelievable. Between 2011 and 2014 alone, Zurvita's revenue grew from $3 million to $69 million. In 2016, we achieved a milestone by reaching 100 million in revenue! More and more Customers are using our products, and more and more Independent Consultants are earning substantial incomes for spreading the word.


Million - 2011


Million - 2014


Million - 2016


We Believe You Matter

You matter, and we want you to believe that. We do. We're committed to helping you truly believe that you are a valuable asset at whatever level that means for you. Our story is still being written, and so is yours. Let's write it together! Contact us or the Independent Consultant that referred you to Zurvita and start experiencing a new zeal for life.