The Perfect Blend of Science and Inspiration

Zurvita's Weight Management Program provides a fantastic system that combines healthy products and active lifestyle training. The program allows people to experience a Zeal for Life®. With the Zurvita line of products as its core, together with an incredible easy-to-follow lifestyle and nutritional guide, the program delivers a sure-fire solution!

Products in the Zurvita® Weight Management program start with:

  • The science of Zeal for Life®
  • Zurvita® Protein
  • Zurvita® Cleanse all-herbal probiotic*
  • Zurvita® Burn - our thermogenic fat burner*.

These high-performance products come bundled with a convenient nutritional system designed to enhance a healthy lifestyle.

The motivation engine of the Weight Management Program involves educational, inspirational and stimulating elements that keep participants enthusiastic, engaged and energized in their active pursuit of better fitness and improved lifestyle including:

  • Personal Development and Self-Growth
  • Encouragement and Self-Recognition
  • Exercise for an Active Lifestyle
  • Proper Weight Management and Balanced Nutrition.

Peter Nielsen

Zurvita Challenge Coach

Peter Nielsen's life did not begin with the picture of health. At a young age, his victory over a life-shattering illness moved him to start his commitment to health and fitness. Nowadays, Peter is a world-famous health and fitness expert. Peter has over 50 bodybuilding championship titles under his belt. Named "Trainer of the Year" by Muscle & Fitness and Self magazines, Peter is also a spokesperson for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation. Additionally, Peter penned several books that include:

  • Growing Up Strong
  • Will of Iron: Principles for Healthy Living
  • Guide to a Healthier Life
  • Soul Strength.

Peter has hosted “Peter's Principles”, a nationally syndicated health, fitness and lifestyle television and radio series, since 2001. “Peter's Principles” is widely syndicated on over 200 stations across the country.

Zurvita's Weight Management products are available currently in the United States and Canada regions only.

*These descriptions have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not designed to diagnose, rectify, treat or stop any disease.