Whole Foods & Phytonutrients

Plants produce a vital substance called phytocompounds. This material is what protects them from their environment. Many of these phytocompounds (e.g. carotenoid, indole, isoflavone, flavonoid, phenol, and terpene) are very beneficial in the human diet. With their vast benefits, many prefer to call them as phytonutrients, as they are essential for optimized health.

Zeal Wellness contains whole food concentrates. That means that the beneficial and helpful effects, as well as the molecular structure of these phytonutrients, remain intact. Through the use of various food concentrates found all throughout the world, Zeal Wellness presents a unique combination of these naturally occurring phytonutrients. The vast diversity of phytonutrients found in Zeal Wellness is as unique as the conditions and environments from which they are found and obtained.

We do NOT eat healthy, fresh foods anymore. Let’s face it. It is an undeniable fact. Almost every sector of the massive food industry is now centered, focused, and structured to ensure that everything is fast and convenient. Which, unfortunately, pushes towards the food's diminished nutritional content and over-processing. Zeal Wellness, fortunately, advocates and focuses WHOLE FOOD NUTRITION. Whole foods present plenty of essential nutrients and phytonutrients, plus antioxidants enzymes, healthy fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins.

Created and designed with WHOLE FOOD NUTRITION as the core of every ingredient decision, Zeal Wellness leads the call to action of returning to healthy eating. Achieving it by providing an affordable, easy to access, nutritionally-rich drink, which can provide WHOLE FOOD goodness to your body.


  • ZEAL Wellness contains within it the planet's best Super Foods has to offer:
  • Acai Berry,
  • Aloe Vera,
  • Chlorella
  • Goji
  • Moringa Oleifera,
  • Noni,
  • Stabilized Rice Bran
  • And more.


  • Instead of swallowing handfuls of bad tasting supplements, you can enjoy drinking ZEAL Wellness.
  • Z-SRB has over 120 antioxidants, minerals & vitamins within.
  • With only 48 calories a serving, ZEAL Wellness contains no artificial colors, preservatives, or sweeteners.
  • Using only natural, organic, time-tested ingredients, some used for centuries, Zeal Wellness has concrete, scientific, clinical research that confirms their amazing health benefits.
  • • Zeal Wellness also contains an abundance of ionic, fulvic and trace minerals, as well as zeolites, delivering nutrients at the cellular level.

The Vast Benefits of Guarana

Obtained from the seeds of berries found on a climbing shrub-like plant (Paulina cupana), Guarana is indigenous within Venezuela and Brazil's Amazon basin. While Guarana holds a natural, caffeine-like substance guaranine, there is a notable difference between Caffeine and Guarana. Guarana is not as water soluble like caffeine. The energy boost experienced and provided by Guarana is a slow and steady lift, occurring over hours. Compared to the rapid energy rush and subsequent rapid fall related to Caffeine, Guarana is a better choice between the two.

For people that are caffeine-sensitive, we recommend starting with half of a Zeal Wellness drink daily and then increase to a full daily drink as tolerated. We advise not to use products containing caffeine in conjunction with guarana-containing products. Zeal Wellness also comes “guarana-free” for people who choose not to take guarana. We also advise that all individuals discuss any wellness product with their physician before taking it.

Adaptogenic Herbs

Adaptogens are herbs or plants that usually grow in extremely harsh unforgiving climates and environments. These herbs and plant's molecular structures have and need to be robust and sturdy to “adapt” to such harsh growing conditions. In the past 30 years, around the world, researchers and scientists alike, have been studying these types of herbs and plants to discover and understand their vast beneficial properties and qualities.

The same molecular structures supporting these unique ingredients endure in the wild can also greatly benefit our bodies. They become nutrients with energy-boosting, healthy-aging, body-restoring, and brain-stimulating powers. Additionally, Adaptogens aids the human body to regain a healthy state of homeostasis. Individual compounds within Adaptogens can number in the hundreds. Moreover, it includes such phytonutrients as amino acids, antioxidants, complex carbohydrates, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, and other natural cell-energizing substances.

ZEAL Wellness contains multiple Adaptogens!


How to Order and Use ZEAL


Save Money - Buy the Best and Forget the Rest!

Thanks to ZEAL Wellness, you no longer need to waste money on various nutritional products in the market. Additionally, can you guess the amount of money you would shell out monthly just to get the nutrients all found in ZEAL Wellness? You would spend about more than $450.00 on individual products to get the exact mix of nutrients within ZEAL Wellness. ZEAL Wellness, on the other hand, makes the process easy, affordable, and hassle-free. A 30-day supply of ZEAL Wellness (one canister / one scoop per day) is just $69.95.

Save Money by Becoming a Preferred Customer & Get Zeal Wellness for only $59.95 a month!

By becoming a Zeal Wellness Preferred Customer, you can receive a discount of up to 15% on your Zeal Wellness orders. Moreover, we also prioritize your orders for automatic shipping. All to ensure that you never run out of Zeal Wellness. The best part of it? No Obligations - No Strings Attached, you can cancel anytime.

Why Auto-ship is so Important to Your Health:

Usually, it takes a period of 3 to 6 months for your body to replenish its entire blood supply with a batch healthier newer cells. During this time, it is best to have all essential nutrients present, which is why we recommend taking Zeal Wellness at least three months. The easiest, most convenient way to ensure it is via the Preferred Customer auto-ship. Choosing auto-ship on your initial order will save you $10 IMMEDIATELY, and then 15% every month after that.

30-Day No-Hassle, No Strings Attached Satisfaction Guarantee!

All first-time purchases of Zeal Wellness come with a 30-Day Get-You-Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not happy or satisfied with your Zeal Wellness experience, just coordinate with the Zurvita Consultant that sold you the product. Return any unused portion of the canister within the 30-day period from the initial date of purchase. The Zurvita Consultant will then provide the refund the product's purchase price, less any handling or shipping costs. Remember to cancel your auto-ship within the first 30 days.


It is Easy to Buy ZEAL Wellness!