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What Prevents Network Marketing Success?

One of the top reasons that people do not succeed in any business venture is lack of training system that offers proven, predictable, repeatable results. The High Velocity Team offers a proven system that is backed by over 50 combined years of high success in Network Marketing combined with insights from one of Tony Robbins’ and Chet Holmes’ former top speakers and trainers. Others would pay thousands to receive access to this very same information.

While having a training system is great, another reason people fail in a home-based business is not having a proven support system. This is just like in the movie The Karate Kid where Mr. Miagi tells Danielle to paint the fence. He does not understand at the time why he is being told to do this but a short time later it becomes evident. We are there for you, as leaders and mentors, and also to guide you on the proven ways you can build this business from the palm of your hand with this true phone-based business.

Ok, we all hate to admit this, but the #1 reason for lack of success in business is yourself. Why does this happen? It’s different for everyone yet it all stems from pre-programmed beliefs that were ingrained in our heads from the time we were kids. The great news is, armed with the right support, you can change any Belief System “BS” and program yourself for success. We offer our team members proven guidance in the work of personal growth to help you achieve all the success you desire.

We Have Achieved Top Compensation Success


Hi, we are Kirby and Cindy Wright. We’ve been there ... Ready to give up ... not knowing where to turn ... getting all excited about the future possibilities, then all of a sudden the team, training and support that we hoped for was gone ... no where to be found. We understand that you are here for a reason. You may be looking for a home-based business, a franchise or a network marketing company? What company should you choose, what team should you join?

While there are many options for you I would first look at WHO you are going to be partnering with. Do you like them? Do you trust them? Would you want to hang out with them on vacation? Have they attained the level of success that I want to achieve?

Why would I ask this? Because when you join arms with someone that you are planning on being supported by, someone that you are planning on talking with for years to come, liking those you are joining is probably a good thing. The other thing I would look for is their level of success. What level of success have they achieved in their current and past companies if any?

If you are looking for a Home-Based Business Opportunity that has higher than franchise-like earnings without the high upfront fees look no further! You are in the right place, with the right team at the right time!

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The Zurvita Business Opportunity

Are you currently looking for a work-from-ANYWHERE PHONE-based business with unlimited earnings potential? If your answer is yes, you are in the right place and you should investigate the Zurvita Business and joining the High Velocity Team.

Think of the TV Show with high net worth investors also known as sharks… Would they invest their time, let alone money in just any opportunity? Of course not. Well we compiled 10 things we would use and you should use to help evaluate your opportunity. Oh, by the way, Zurvita meets ALL of these!

A shark investor knows that the key decision to invest in a business is tied to their partner. That's why when you see them on TV; they ultimately are making the decision based on their belief in the person they will be partnering with. Home-based business success is very similar. Following are the 10 most important things we use when evaluating a business before investing our time, effort and financial resources.

“Following are 10 Secrets You Should Use to
Evaluate a Home-Based Business”


Sharks want a system. Think about the questions a shark will ask an entrepreneur before investing in their business. They want to know if there is a duplicable system in place so they know they will have a high probability of success before they make an investment.

The problem is that most entrepreneurs believe their old time system of making cold calls, or sharing opportunities with their friends and family 5 – 20 times a day is a system. Today systems take advantage of automation, technology, social media, video, and frankly the cell phone ... the little Internet machine in your hand.

2Product or Service:

Is there a true demand for the product or service, or is the company and opportunity built upon hopium. A shark investor looks for the total market opportunity and demand, and how a product or service is uniquely positioned in the marketplace to serve a need. In addition, is the market for the product or service shrinking or growing over the next decade? If it is growing, is it something that people will consume on a daily basis and want to share with their friends even if they were not getting paid for it?


Ever notice a shark investor decline to invest almost immediately when meeting the founder of the company? Here is why ... the success or failure is 100% based on the vision and leadership of the person at the top and their ability to build a successful team. Ideas are a dime a dozen, but being able to build a team focused on success and implementing a vision is a rare ability.


Speaking of leadership, a shark investor wants to know if the person they are speaking with is a leader. What is a leader? Someone with vision, someone with integrity, someone that if followed will lead people in the right direction towards success. A leader is someone who will build the team and provide the system that enables people to be successful.

Ever hear about an idea that was before its time? How about the billion dollar cash cow that you would not invest one cent into? Well the old adage that timing is everything is true and a shark investor knows this. Is the timing right for the product and is it right for the industry?

While a Shark likes to invest in a company that has a full-time owner-operator, what the sharks also realize is that almost all of the people presenting with the sharks started part-time and proved out their concepts to make it a worthwhile opportunity. You need to know if you can create a meaningful part-time income without giving up your current revenue source or if you choose to put full-time effort, that it could produce an income fairly quickly.


How much can you make? Is it limited by the business or opportunity, or only limited by your efforts? When evaluating a business you need to look at near term income as well as the long-term income opportunity. I guarantee that this is what a shark investor is doing!

8Return On Investment:

Would you invest a $1 to get $5 back? Of course you would. Return on investment or ROI is a very important factor that a shark will look at before investing in a business. Some important questions: How much is the investment? How much does it cost to get started? How much is the monthly overhead? How long will it take to recover my initial investment? How long will it take you to be profitable?


Company culture will dictate the growth and sustainability of a company. Are people generally happy? Do they attract people for the long-term or is there a competitive environment that only focuses on one thing and has high turn over? What do you want to be associated with? While a shark looks at the bottom line, they also ensure that there is a cultural fit with someone before investing in them.


Now lets turn the tables. When choosing a shark to invest in you, you want to know how they will participate in the business, how will they be there for you, what tools and resources will they provide? Well the final question you may want to ask before investing your time and resources in a business is “what will the support system look like for me?”

Follow these 10 Secrets and Join US on The Zurvita High Velocity
Team and you have to opportunity for accelerated success!


Cindy Wright

First Female Ambassador


Founder of Women Empowering Women Group

Member of John Maxwell Elite Advisory Counsel For Network Marketing

Interview with Simon Chan

Kirby Wright

Kirby came to Zurvita as their VP of Marketing. As one of the founding executives of Zurvita, Kirby was integral in developing, branding and launching Zurvita’s flagship product ... ZEAL. As a Zurvita executive, Kirby was honored to be part of the process in developing the Zeal product with product formulator Mark McKnight.

Member of John Maxwell Elite Advisory Counsel For Network Marketing

Interview with Simon Chan

In 2014, Kirby left his executive position to join his wife Cindy in the field.

Dave Asarnow

Digital Marketing Strategist

2017: 4-time Two Comma Club Award* for marketing funnels that generated in excess of $1,000,000
2017-2018 Profit Coalition Marketer of the Year as voted by internet Marketing Peers

2018: 8-Figure Award. Clients Marketing Funnel Generated over $17,000,000

Before Zurvita

Before Zurvita both Kirby and Cindy rose to the top ranks in Reliv, Xango and Ignite.

David met Kirby and Cindy 27 years ago when they were at the Top of Reliv. I was impressed at that time by how they had built their business in such a short period of time and how they were making more than double per month what I was making annually in my full-time sales job. Although we lost touch over the years we reconnected through a super successful mutual friend that said I could help them with their digital marketing efforts.

Since those days in the early 1990’s, I had built a Franchise system that was ranked a Top 15 Hot Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine (great place for 3rd party credibility in magazine?), built a business that did $45 Million (Does this look better? “$45 Million”) annually, was acknowledged as Tony Robbins’ and Chet Holmes’ top speaker for Business Breakthroughs. Over the last eight years I quietly built a Digital Marketing Company (Business Nitrogen) that helps others achieve their dreams of business success.

It was great catching up with Kirby and Cindy and I was inspired by their vision of helping thousands of budding entrepreneurs achieve success with their proven systems and encourage others to not give up on their dreams. That was the formation of the High Velocity Team, and I am here to help develop online marketing systems and trainings for all of the High Velocity Team Members.

2017: 4-time Two Comma Club Award* for marketing funnels that generated in excess of $1,000,000

2017-2018 Profit Coalition Marketer of the Year as voted by Internet Marketing Peers

2018: 8-Figure Award. Clients Marketing Funnel Generated over $17 Million (does this look better $17 Million)

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Success is important for Kirby and Cindy and they are committed to help others succeed as well, but giving back is a big part of who they are. Zurvita has several projects that you can be involved in. Feed 500 and Feed 5,000 are projects that any Zurvita Consultant can participate in to feed 500 or in a coordinated effort feed 5,000 hungry local people in one day!
Living Water is a ministry that Zurvita and Kirby and Cindy support by digging water wells in Nicaragua.